Jeremy Duff: The Elements of NT Greek

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λυω Present, 1st person, Sg.  
λυεις Present, 2nd person, Sg.  
λυει Present, 3rd person, Sg.  
λυομεν Present, 1st person, Pl.  
λυετε Present, 2nd person, Pl.  
λυουσι(ν) Present, 3rd person, Pl.  
λυσω Future, 1st person, Sg.  
λυσεις Future, 2nd person, Sg.  
λυσει Future, 3rd person, Sg.  
λυσομεν Future, 1st person, Pl.  
λυσετε Future, 2nd person, Pl.  
λυσουσι(ν) Future, 3rd person, Pl.  
ἐλυον Imperfect, 1st person, Sg.  
ἐλυες Imperfect, 2nd person, Sg.  
ἐλυε(ν) Imperfect, 3rd person, Sg.  
ἐλυομεν Imperfect, 1st person, Pl.  
ἐλυετε Imperfect, 2nd person, Pl.  
ἐλυον Imperfect, 3rd person, Pl.  
ἐλυσα Aorist, 1st person, Sg.  
ἐλυσας Aorist, 2nd person, Sg.  
ἐλυσε(ν) Aorist, 3rd person, Sg.  
ἐλυσαμεν Aorist, 1st person, Pl.  
ἐλυσατε Aorist, 2nd person, Pl.  
ἐλυσαν Aorist, 3rd person, Pl.  

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