Jeremy Duff: The Elements of NT Greek

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δικαιοσυνη righteousness  
ἐντολη commandment  
ἐξουσια authority  
παραβολη parable  
παρρησια outspokenness, boldness  
χαρα joy  
ἀποστολος apostle  
θανατος death  
ὀφθαλμος eye  
Φαρισαιος Pharisee  
θηριον animal, beast  
ἱματιον garment  
μνημειον tomb, monument  
προβατον sheep  
ἀκολουθεω (+dat) I follow  
ἀναγω I lead up, restore  
δεω I bind, tie up  
δοκεω I think, seem  
ἐλεεω I have mercy on, pity  
θελω I wish, want  
θεωρεω I look at  
καταργεω I make ineffective, abolish. (revised)
μαρτυρεω I bear witness, testify  
μελλω I intend, am about (to)  
μετανοεω I repent, change my mind  
μη not  
μηδε and not, but not  
μηκετι no longer  
μητε and not, nor  
δει it is necessary  
ἐξεστι it is permitted  
ὀπισω (+gen) behind  

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