Jeremy Duff: The Elements of NT Greek

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ἀλληλος each other, one another  
ἀλλος other  
ἑαυτος himself, herself, itself (reflexive)  
ἐγω, ἡμεις I, we  
ἐκεινος that (pl. those)  
ἐμαυτος myself  
ἐμος my, mine  
καγω and I (= και + ἐγω)  
ὁλος whole, entire  
οὑτος, αὑτη, τουτο this (pl. these)  
ποιος of what kind?  
ποσος how great, how much?  
σεαυτος yourself  
σος your, yours (sg)  
συ, ὑμεις you (sg), you (pl)  
τοιουτος of such a kind, such  
ἀρνιον lamb, sheep  
δενδρον tree  
μυστηριον mystery, secret  
ποτηριον cup  
ἀρα so  
γαρ for, because  
γε indeed  
δε but  
διο therefore  
διοτι because  
εἰτε if (εἰτε ... εἰτε - if ... if, whether ... or)  
επει since  
μεν on the one hand  
μηποτε never  
οὐν therefore, consequently  
τε and (τε ... και - both ... and)  

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