A Catechism for Sunday Schools and Families

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What is Christian faith? The bond of a vital union of the soul with Christ, by which we become partakers of His life and all His benefits.  
What belongs to true faith? A knowledge of God and of Christ, a belief in His word, and a hearty confidence in His mercy.  
What are the contents and object of faith? The triune God and His holy word, especially the gospel of Christ.  
Who works faith in us? The Holy Spirit.  
How does the Holy Spirit work faith? By the means of grace, especially the preaching of the gospel.  
What is the effect of faith? Faith justifies and saves.  
Is faith then the ground or cause of salvation? No, Jesus Christ is the only ground of our salvation.  
What, then, has faith to do with salvation? It is the condition of salvation, because it accepts and appropriates Jesus Christ and His merits to our personal benefit.  
What is the nature of justifying and saving faith? It must be living and bring forth good works.  
Is there also a dead faith? Yes; the devils also believe and tremble.  
Should we also confess our faith? Yes; we should openly confess Christ before men, and never be ashamed of Him.  

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