Asking for and giving advice

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Aburrido(a) boring  
la banda escolar school band  
el centro recreativo Recreation center  
el club de debate Debate club  
coleccionar estampillas collecting stamps  
crear CDs to make cds  
Debes you should, to owe  
la dieta balanceada balanced diet  
diseñar páginas Web to design webpages  
escribir poemas y cuentos to write poems and stories  
los ejercicios aeróbicos Aerobic Exercise  
hacer diseño por computadora to do computer design  
hacer gimnasia to do gymnastics  
hacerse amigo{a} de alguien to make friends with someone  
hay que... one has to  
impaciente impatient  
interesar to interest  
jugar al golf to play golf  
mantenerse en forma to stay in shape  
nervioso(a) nervous  
obervar la naturaleza to nature watch  
la oratoria speech  
participar to participate  
practicar atletismo to practice athletics  
¿Qué me recomienas? what do you recommend?  
saltar la cuerda jumping rope  
solitario(a) lonely  
Te recomiendo que... I recommend that  
tener ganas de(hacer) to feel like  
soler(ue) to usually do something  
Deber(ue) should, ought to  

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