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a before  
aa of each  
ac before meals  
ad up to  
ad lib as much as desired  
ad right ear  
as left ear  
am before noon  
au both ears  
bid twice daily  
c with  
d give  
dtd give such doses  
f,ft. make  
gtt drop  
gtts drops  
h hour  
hs at bedtime  
M mix  
Mft. Mix and make  
no number  
noct night  
non rep,NIR no refills  
od right eye  
os left eye  
ou both eyes  
p after  
PC after meals  
po by mouth  
pm afternoon  
pr rectally  
prn as needed  
q every  
qd everyday  
qod every other day  
q2h every 2 hours  
q4h every 4 hours  
qid four times daily  
qs quantity sufficient  
sl sublingual (under the tongue)  
ss 1/2  
sig directions  
stat now  
tid 3 times daily  
ut dict, ud, utd as directed  

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