Philippians 1:1-11

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ἐν (+dat) in, with, by, to  
σύν (+dat) with, besides  
χάρις grace favor; gratitude; gift  
ἀπό (+gen) from, by, since  
εὐχαριστέω to give thanks  
ἐπί (+gen/dat/acc) over, on, at the time of, at, to  
πᾶς all, every; the whole  
μνεία remembrance, mention  
πάντοτε always  
δέησις entreaty, prayer, request  
ὐπέρ (+gen) for; (+acc) beyond; (adv) more  
μετά (+gen) with; (+acc) after  
χαρά joy  
ποιέω to do, make; to work  
κοινωνία fellowship, participation  
εὐαγγέλιον good news, gospel  
ἄρχι (+gen) until  
πείθω to persuade; believe; trust  
ὅτι that, because, since; why?  
ἐνάρχομαι to begin  
ἐπιτελέω to complete, perform  
καθώς as, just as, inasmuch as  
δίκαιος righteous, just; right  
φρονέω to be wise, to think  
δεσμός bond, chain, imprisonment  
ἀπολογία defense  
βεβαίωσις confirmation  
συγκοινωνός participant  
γάρ for, since, then, indeed  
ὡς as, like, while, that; (interjection) how!  
έπιποθέω to greatly desire  
σπλάγχνον entrails, heart, affection  
καί and, also, even, and yet, but  
προσεύχομαι to pray  
ἵνα that, in order that, so that  
ἔτι yet, still, again  
μᾶλλον more, rather  
περισσεύω to abound  
ἐπίγνωσις knowledge  
αἴσθησις judgment, perception, knowledge  
εἰς (+acc) into, to, for  
δοκιμάζω to prove, approve, test  
διαφέρω to be better, to differ, spread, carry over  
εἰλικρινἠς sincere  
ἀπορόσκοπος blameless  
πληρόω to fill; fulfill  
καρπός fruit  
δικαιοσὐνη righteousness, justice  
δόξα opinion; glory  
ἔπαινος priase  

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