Philippians 1:12-30

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κατά (+gen) against, down; (+acc) according to  
προκοπή progress, success  
ἔρχομαι to come, go  
ὥστε so that, in order that, thus  
φανερός known, plain  
ὅλος whole, all  
πραιτώριον praetorium, army headquarters  
λοιπός rest, remaining, other  
πολύς much, many  
περισσοτέρως even more so  
τολμάω to dare, act rashly  
ἀφόβως without fear  
λαλέω to speak  
τις a certain thing, a certain person  
φθόνος envy  
ἔρις rivalry  
εύδοκία good pleasure, good will, approval; satisfaction  
κηρύσσω to proclaim, preach  
οἶδα to know  
κεῖμαι to lie down; to be valid for; be appointed  
ἐριθεία selfish ambition  
καταγγέλλω to announce, declare, preach  
ἀγνως sincerely, with pure motive  
οἴομαι to suppose  
θλῖψις trouble, tribulation, oppression  
ἐγείρω to raise, lift up  
τίς who? what? why?  
πλήν (+gen) only, except; but, nevertheless  
τρόπος way, manner, customs, kind of life  
εἴτε or, either/or, even if  
πρόφασις motive, false motive, excuse, pretext  
χαίρω to rejoice, hail  
ἀποβαίνω to turn, go away, depart  
ἐπιχορηγία supply, support  
ἀποκαραδοκία eager expectation  
οὐδείς no one, nothing  
αἰσχύνω to be ashamed  
παρρησία boldness  
μεγαλύνω to enlarge, magnify, boast  
κέρδος gain  
αἰρέω to choose  
γνωρίζω to make known  
συνέχω to surround, control, constrain  
ἐπιθυμία desire, lust  
ἀναλὐω to set free, return, separate  
κρείττων better  
ἐπιμένω to remain, stay, continue  
ἀναγκαῖος necessary  
μένω to remain, abide, stay  
παραμένω to remain, continue  
προκοπή progress, success  
καύχημα object of boasting, pride  
παρουσία coming, presence  
ἀξίως in a worthy manner  
πολιτεύομαι to live, live as a citizen  
ἄπειμι to be absent, be away  
περί (+gen) about, concerning; (+acc) around  
στήκω to stand, stand firm  
συναθλέω to work together with  
πτύρω to frighten  
μηδείς no; no one  
ἀντίκειμαι to oppose  
ὅστις who, which, whoever  
ἔνδειξις indication, evidence  
ἀπώλεια destruction, ruin  
χαρίζομαι to give, favor, forgive  
πάσχω to suffer  
ἀγών gathering, contest  

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