Philippians 2:19-31

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ταχέως quickly, soon  
εὐψυχέ to be encouraged  
οὐδείς no one, nothing  
ἰσόψυχος like-minded, equal, peer  
γνησίως genuinely  
μεριμνάω to be anxious for  
ζητέω to seek, inquire  
δοκιμή character, proof  
δουλεύω to serve as a slave  
οὗτος this, this one, he  
οὖν therefore, thus  
ἀφοράω to look away, look up to  
ἐξαυτῆς immediately  
ἀναγκαῖος necessary  
συνεργός helping; fellow worker  
συστρατιώτης fellow-soldier  
χρεία need, use, duty  
ἐπειδή since, because, for  
ἀδημονέω to be very happy  
ἀσθενέω to be weak  
παραπλήσιος coming near, nearly, resembling  
ἐλεέω to show mercy  
μόνος only, alone  
λύπη grief, pain  
σπουδαίως earnestly  
ἄλυπος painless, free from pain  
προσδέχομαι to receive; wait for  
τοιοῦτος such, of such kind  
ἔντιμος precious  
ἐγγίζω to bring near, come near  
παραβολεύομαι to risk  
ἀναπληρόω to fill up, supply, fulfill  
ὑστέρημα what is lacking  

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