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4 components of music rythum, melody, dynamics, color  
Music the organization of SOUND in TIME  
Timbre the distincitve quality/color of music  
Meter the organization of music into rhythmic patterns of beats  
Nuance A small change in the basic tempo or dyanmic level  
Octives important indicators of musical space  
Dynamics changes in volume of music  
Contrapuntal melodic texure most complex and most used  
Polyphonic has two or more parts sounding together  
Melody includes all sounds out of which music is made - lead part in polyphonic music  
Gregorian chant example of monophonic music  
Piano Italian word for Soft  
Forte Italian word for Loud  
Six Tempos largo, adagio, andnate, allegrato, allegro, presto  
Articulation the way sounds are expressed  
Non-Legato Most common type of articulation  
First musical experience human heartbeat  
Doubled when two instruments play same part  
Canon/Round two of the same parts played at differnet times/ row row row your boat  
Imitation a musical idea stated in close succession by at leas one other part  
Crescendo dynamic nuance - gradually gets louder  
Diminuendo Dynamic nuance that gradually gets softer  
Program Music seeks to tell a story  
Absolute music just for enjoyment  
Fortissimo loudest music dynamic  
Pianissimo very soft music  
3 Melodic textures monophonic, homophonic, contrapuntal  
soprano highest female voice  
alto lowest male voice  
vertuosity special athletic skills of a musical performer  

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