Part One

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contentious adj. controversial; disputable; arguable; debatable  
tentative adj. flexible; uncertain  
dictum n. rules or formal pronouncements  
taciturn adj. shy and reserved  
quaint adj. unusual and old-fashioned  
malevolent adj. hostile and malicious  
predilection n. a preference or special liking for something; fondness  
domicile n. house or place of residency  
profane adj. inappropriate  
auspicious adj. being a sign of future success  
indigenous adj. from a particular place; native  
diminutive adj. small; tiny  
fractious adj. irritable and quarrelsome (children)  
disapprobation n. strong disapproval  
furtive adj. secretive and sneaky  
impudent adj. disrespectful to those who you should be respectful towards  
benevolent adj. kind and charitable  
irascible adj. easily angered  
caricature n. a picture where certain features are exaggerated (for grotesque or comic relief)  
inordinate adj. unreasonably large; excessive  
ingenuous adj. innocent; unsuspecting; naive  
innate adj. inborn; natural  
guileless adj. innocent; genuine  
fanatic n. a person filled with excessive and single-minded passion (for religious or political reasons)  
piety n. devotion and reverence to one's religion  

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