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chang often  
gen with, and  
一起 yiqi altogether  
晚上 wanshang evening  
咱们 zanmen we, us  
zuo walk, go ,leave  
练习 lianxi practise  
jie borrow  
有时候 you shihou sometimes  
时候 shihou time  
cha check, examine  
资料 ziliao material, data  
电影 dianying movie, film  
总是 zhong(shi) always  
看书 kan(shu) read  
复习 fuxi review  
课文 kewen text  
或者 huazhe or  
预习 yuxi preview  
生词 shengxi new word  
电视 dianshi television  
休息 xiuxi rest  
阅览室 yuelanshi reading room  
问题 wenti question  
锻炼 duanlian physical exercise  
回答 huida answer  
huan return  

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