Hebrew Vocabulary

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פלא (Ni.) to be too difficult; be unusual, wonderful; pl. ptc.: miraculous acts; (Hi.) to do something wonderful  
פֶּ֫לֶא something unusual, miracle  
פלל (Hith.) to make intercession for or act as intercessor for; pray  
תְּפִלָּה prayer  
קלל to be small, insignificant; to be faster than; (Pi.) to declare curses, accursed; (Hi.) to lighten, make lighter; to treat with contempt  
קְלָלָה curse-formula, curse  
קַל, קַלָּה (adj.) light, nimble, rapid; (n.) something speedy  
קנה (1)# to buy, acquire; to create  
מִקְנֶה property, mostly livestock as property  
מִקְנָה acquisition (through trading or purchase)  
קִנְיָן (personal) property, possessions  
רחץ to douse with water, wash off, wash (oneself), bathe  
רכב to ride, mount  
רֶ֫כֶב war chariot(s); war-chariot troop; the upper of two millstones  
מֶרְכָּבָה chariot (for war, ceremony, or transport)  
רעע (1)# to be evil, displeasing; (Hi.) to do evil, treat badly  
רָע, רַע, רָעָה (adj.) evil, of little worth, contemptible; malicious, injurious; (n.) evil, wickedness; misfortune; calamity, disaster  
רֹעַ corruption, vice, evil  
שׂבע to eat or drink one's fill, satisfy oneself with, get enough of  
שָׂבֵעַ satiated, satisfied  

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