GRE words Sam needs to work on

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baize wool tablecloth  
bale bundle, package  
baleful malignant, calamitous  
banal commonplace  
barograph measures continuous atmospheric pressure (like barometer)  
baton staff (weapon or to show authority)  
batten strip of wood  
bauble trinket  
bawl to proclaim by outcry  
beautify to make supremely happy  
bedeck to cover with ornaments  
bedlam madhouse  
begrudge to envy, dislike  
belay to fasten (a rope) by winding  
belie to misrepresent  
bellicose warlike  
belligerent manifesting warlike spirit  
benefice a church office endowed with funds  
beneficent characterized by kindness  
benign good hearted  
benignant benevolent in character or feeling  
bereave to make desolate by grief  
berth sleeping compartment (on a ship or train, etc.)  
beset to attack on all sides  
bestial animal  
bestride to sit upon astride (as a horse)  
bethink to remind oneself  
betide to happen or befall  
betimes in good season or time, early (revised)
bevel angle not 90 degrees  
bibulous fond of drinking  
bier poles (for carrying) and framework of casket  
bight wide bay  
biped an animal having two feet  
blase bored with life (from an excess of pleasure) (revised)
blazon to make widely or generally known  
blatant noisily, offensively clamorous  
blithe joyous  
boatswain subordinate officer on a ship (in charge of operations)  
bodice a woman's ornament  
bole a trunk or body of a tree  
boll a round pod (of seed), such as flax or cotton  
bombast inflated or extravagant speech (especially of unimportant subjects)  
boorish rude  
borough an incorporated village  
bowdlerize to edit by omitting words or passages  
brae hillside  
bravado an agressive display of boldness  
bray loud, harsh sound (as of a donkey or horn)  
brazier an open pan or basin for holding live coals  
breaker one who trains horses or dogs  
breech the buttocks (esp. of pants)  
bric-a-brac object of curiosity or decoration  
brigand robber or plunderer  
brine water and salt  
broach to mention for the first time  
brogan a coarse, heavy shoe  
brogue English pronunciations of Irish people  
bromine dark rust-collored liquid element with a suffocating odor  
brooch an article of jewelry fastened by pin or hook  
brusque rough or rude in manner of speech  
buffoon a clown  
bulbous pertaining to a bulb  
bumptious full of offensive or aggressive self-conceit  
bungle to execute clumsily  
burgess colonial legislature member in VA or MD  
burgher inhabitant of a borough  
bursar a treasurer  
bustle to hurry  
butte low mountain or hill  

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