GRE words Sam needs to work on

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dastard a base coward  
dauntless fearless  
dearth scarcity (of something customary or needed)  
debonair having gentle and courteous bearing  
Decameron volume of ten books or parts  
decamp to leave suddenly  
deciduous falling off at maturity  
declamation a speech from memory  
declamatory formal style utterance  
decorous suitable for the occasion  
defalcate to cut off or take away part of something  
defray to make payment for  
deign to deem worthy of notice  
deleterious hurtful, morally or physically  
deliquesce 1. to dissolve gradually. 2. to become liquid by absorption of moister from the air (revised)
demulcent an application soothing to an irritated surface  
demurrage the detention of a vessel beyond the specified time of sailing  
dendroid like a tree  
dendrology the natural history of trees  
denizen inhabitant  
denominator bottom of the fraction  
denouement the part of a play or story in which the mystery is cleared up  
dentifrice something prepared for cleaning the teeth  
denude to strip the covering from  
deplore to regard with grief or sorrow  
deponent laying down  
deportment demeanor  
deposition testimony from interrogations in writing for use in court  
deprecate to express disapproval or regret, with hope for the opposite  
derrick an apparatus for hoisting and swinging great weights  
descendent proceeding down (not to be confused with descendant)  
descry to discern  
desiccant remedy for drying up moisture from wounds  
desperado one without regard for law or life  
despond to lose spirit, courage or hope  
despot an irresponsible monarch  
desultory not connected with what came before  
detrude to push down forcibly  
devilry malicious mischief  
dexterity precision, efficiency and ease in a physical or mechanical activity  
diacritical marking a difference  
dialectician a logician  
diaphanous transparent  
diatomic containing only 2 atoms  
diatribe a bitter or malicious criticism  
dictum a positive utterance  
differentia that difference in a species which differentiates it from others  
diffidence self-distrust  
diffident affected or possessed with self-distrust  
digraph two characters making a distinct sound ('sh' or 'ea')  
dilatory tending to cause delay  
dilettante (adj. or noun) a superficial amateur (a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way)  
diminution reduction  
diplomatist one with tactful and shrewd management skills  
disavow to disclaim responsibility for  
discomfit to put to confusion  
disconsolate grief-stricken  
discountenance to look upon with disfavor  
discrepant oposite  
discursive passing from one subject to another  
dishabille undress or negligent attire  
disparage to regard or speak of slightingly  
disparity inequality  
disreputable (also, disrepute) dishonorable or disgraceful  
dissentient one who disagrees  
dissolute lewd  
dissonance discord (dissonant: harsh or disagreeable sound)  
distemper a disease or malady  
distend to stretch out or expand in every direction  
distensible capable of being distended  
distention expansion  
distrain to subject one to distress  
disyllable a word with two syllables  
diurnal daily  
divagation digression  
doleful (also: dolesome) melancholy  
dolor lamantation  
dolorous expressing or causing sorrow or pain  
domicile the place where one lives  
dowry the property which a wife brings to her husband in marriage  
drachma a modern and ancient Greek coin  
dragoon (in the British army) a cavalryman  
dramatist one who writes plays  
ductile capable of being drawn out (as into wire or a thread)  
dun to make a demand or repeated demands on for payment  
durance confinement  
duteous showing submission to natural superiors  
dyne a measurement of force (which when applied to a mass of one gram for 1 second would move it 1 cm)  

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