GRE words Sam needs to work on

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ebullient showing enthusiasm or exhilaration  
educe to draw out  
efface to obliterate, wipe out, erase  
effervescent bubbling up (v. effervesce)  
effete 1. exhausted, as having preformed its function 2. lacking in wholesome vigor, degenerate  
effluvium an ill-smelling exhalation from decaying or putrefying matter  
effrontery unblushing impudence  
effulgence splendor  
effuse to pour forth  
electrolysis the process of destroying a chemical compound through an electric charge  
electrotype a metallic copy of any surface, as a coin  
elegy a poem lamenting the dead  
elocution the perfecting of speech-giving (dealing intonation, inflection and gestures)  
elucidate to bring out more clearly the facts concerning  
elusion evasion  
emaciate to waste away in flesh  
embolism an obstruction of a blood vessel  
embroil to involve in dissension or strife  
eminence an elevated position of rank, place or character (eminent: high in station)  
emporium a large room or city of commerce (e.g. a retail store or New York City)  
encomium a formal expression of praise  
encyclical intended for general circulation  
endemic peculiar to some specific country or people  
endue to endow with grace  
enervate to deprive of force or strength, to weaken (revised)
ennoble to dignify  
enrapture to delight intensely  
enshrine to keep sacred  
enthuse to yield to or display intense and rapturous feeling  
entomology study of insects  
epicure one who cultivates a delicate taste for eating and drinking  
epigram a pithy phrasing of a shrewd observation  
epitaph inscription on a tomb stone  
epithet a descriptive nickname  
epitome a simplified representation  
epizootic prevailing among animals  
epode a species of lyric poems  
equanimity eveness of mind or temper  
equestrian pertaining to horses  
equivocal ambiguous  
erudite very-learned  
erudition extensive knowledge of literature, history, etc.  
eschew to keep clear of  
esthetic pertaining to beauty, taste, or fine arts  
estimable esteem-able  
euphonious agreeable sounding  
evanesce to vanish gradually  
evanescent fleeting  
evert to turn inside out  
evince to make manifest or evident  
exacerbate to make more sharp, severe, or virulent  
excrescence an unnatural addition, outgrowth  
execrable abominable  
exhume to unbury something  
exigent urgent  
expectorate to cough up and spit forth  
explicate to clear from involvement  
expostulate to discuss  
extempore without studied or special preparation  
extensor a muscle that causes extension  
extenuate to diminish the gravity or importance of  
extradite to surrender the custody of (usually a transaction between governments)  
extraneous having no essential relation to a subject  
extricate disentangle  
extrude to drive out or away  

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