Drugs for bugs

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Aminoglycoside - Streptomycin M. tuberculosum  
Aminoglycoside - Gentamycin / Tobramycin Good for GNRs. Not for anaerobes  
Aminoglycoside - Gentamycin / Tobramycin Typically used for bloodstream infections and UTI  
Tobramycin Strong affinity for Pseudomonas  
Aminoglycoside - Gentamycin / Tobramycin Workhorses. Use on aerobic Gram Neg Rods  
Aminoglycosides - Streptomycin Use only in combination  
Aminoglycosides - Streptomycin Used with Ampicillin for Enterococcus  
Aminoglycosides - **Amikacin** Reserved for Resistant GNRs  
Oxazolidinodes - Linezolid (Zivox) Inhibits 50S by binding 30S subunit  
Oxazolidinodes - Linezolid (Zivox) PO/IV, Gram+, Good for resistant bugs  
Oxazolidinodes - Linezolid (Zivox) Resistant Pseudomonas & Staph aureus & lung infex  
Oxazolidinodes - Linezolid (Zivox) S/E Thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, anemia  
Oxazolidinodes - Linezolid (Zivox) S/E Neuropathy, mitochondrial toxicity  
Tetracyclines - Doxy-, Mino-, Tige- (IV/PO) Alter A site of 30S preventing tRNA binding  
Tetracyclines - Doxy-, Mino-, Tige- (IV/PO) Long lasting, reversible  
Tetracyclines - Doxy-, Mino-, Tige- (IV/PO) Binds metals (Ca), captures photons  
Tetracyclines - Doxy-, Mino-, Tige- (IV/PO) Broad spectrum: Gram+/- & anaerobes  
Tetracycline (PO) Broad spectrum, QID, lots of resistance  
Doxycycline(IV/PO) Broad Spectrum, BID, for intracellular bugs  
Minocycline (IV/PO) Broad Spectrum, BID, good for S. aureus (intracellular)  

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