GRE words Sam needs to work on

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ichthyology the study of fish  
icily frigidity  
iconoclast an image-breaker  
illegible undecipherable  
illiberal stingy  
illusory deceiving by false appearance  
imbibe to drink or take in  
imbroglio a misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife  
imbrue to wet or moisten  
immiscible separating, as oil and water  
impassible not moved or affected by feeling (not to be confused with impassable--not able to be passed)  
impassive unmoved by/not exhibiting feeling  
impecunious having no money  
impend to be imminent (ex: "danger impends"); usually appears as the participle "impending"  
imperious insisting on obedience  
impertinence rudeness  
impervious impenetrable, incapable of being penetrated, injured or influenced (revised)
impetuous impulsive  
impolitic inexpedient  
impregnable that can not be taken by assault  
improvident lacking foresight or thrift  
impudence insolent disrespect  
impunity freedom from punishment  
inane silly  
inborn implanted by nature  
incandescence white or glowing with heat  
incendiary chemical or person who starts a fire literally or figuratively  
inchoate incipient, initial (inchoative: that which begins)  
incipient beginning, initial, inchoate  
incongruous unsuitable for the time, place, or occasion  
incontrovertible indisputable  
indelible that cannot be effaced, destroyed, or erased  
indigence poverty (indigent: poor)  
indiscreet lacking wise judgment  
indolence laziness  
indolent habitually inactive or idle  
indomitable unconquerable  
ineffable unutterable  
inexorable unyielding, inalterable (revised)
infirmary a place for the sick  
inflammable easily set on fire or excited  
ingenuous genuine, sincere, not holding back; naive (revised)
inglorious shameful  
ingratiate to win confidence or good graces for oneself  
inhume to place in the earth, burry  
inimical adverse  
injunction mandate  
innocuous harmless  
insentient lacking power of feeling or perceiving  
insidious working ill by slow and stealthy means  
insipid tasteless  
insolence pride, exhibited in contemptuous and overbearing treatment of others  
insolent impudent  
insular pertaining to an island  
insuperable invincible  
interdict authoritative act of prohibition  
interlocutor one who takes part in a conversation or oral discussion  
interminable having no limit or end  
intermit to cause to cease temporarily  
intervale a low tract of land between hills, especially along a river  
intestacy the condition resulting from one's dying not having left a will (intestate: not having made a valid will)  
intramural situated inside the walls of a city  
intrepid fearless and bold  
inure to harden or toughen by use, exercise or exposure  
invective an utterance intended to case censure or reproach  
inveterate habitual  
invidious showing or feeling envy  
inviolable incapable of being injured or disturbed  
involution complication  
irascible prone to anger  
ire wrath  
iridescence a many-colored appearance  
irradiance luster  
irradiate to render clear and intelligible  
irrefragable cannot be refuted or disproved  
irrefrangible cannot be broken or violated  
isochronous denoting equal intervals of time  

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