James 1:13-18

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μηδείς no one; nothing  
πειράζω to tempt; to test  
λέγω to say  
ὅτι that  
ἀπό, ὑπό from; by  
θεός God  
ὁ, ἤ the; or  
γάρ for  
ἀπείραστος without temptation  
εἰμί to be  
κακός evil  
δέ and; but  
αὐτός he  
οὐδείς no one; nothing  
ἕκαστος each  
ἴδιος one’s own  
ἐπιθυμία desire  
ἐξέλκω to drag away  
καί and  
δελεάζω to lure  
εἶτα then  
συλλαμβάνω to seize; to conceive  
τίκτω to give birth to; to give birth (to)  
ἁμαρτία sin  
ἀποτελέω to perform; to bring to completion  
ἀποκυέω to give birth to  
θάνατος death  
μή not  
πλανάω to lead astray  
ἀδελφός brother  
ἐγώ we; I  
ἀγαπητός beloved  
πᾶς all  
δόσις giving; gift  
ἀγαθός good  
δώρημα gift  
τέλειος perfect; mature  
ἄνωθεν from above  
καταβαίνω to go down; to come down  
πατήρ father  
φῶς light  
παρά from  
ὅς rel  
οὐ not  
ἔνι there is  
παραλλαγή change  
τροπή turning  
ἀποσκίασμα shadow  
βούλομαι to wish  
λόγος word  
ἀλήθεια truth  
εἰς to  
ἀπαρχή first fruits  
τὶς anyone  
κτίσμα creature  

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