Top 100 Verbs

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sein to be  
haben to have  
werden to become  
konnen can, to be able to  
mussen must, to have to  
sagen to say  
machen to do, make  
geben to give  
kommen to come  
sollen should, ought to  
wollen to want  
gehen to go  
wissen to know  
sehen to see  
lassen to let, allow, have done  
stehen to stand  
finden to find  
bleiben to stay, remain  
liegen to lie, be lying  
heissen to be called  
denken to think  
nehmen to take  
tun to do  
durfen may, to be allowed  
glauben to believe  
halten to stop, hold  
nennen to name, to call  
mogen to like  
zeigen to show  
fuhren to lead  
sprechen to speak  
bringen to bring, take  
leben to live  
fahren to drive, ride, go  
meinen to think, have an opinion  
fragen to ask  
kennen to know  
gelten to be valid  
stellen to place, set  
spielen to play  
arbetien to work  
brauchen to need  
folgen to follow  
lernen to learn  
bestehen to exist, insist, pass  
verstehen to hunderstand  
setzen to set, put place  
bekommen to get, receive  
beginnen to begin  
erzahlen to narrate, tell  
versuchen to try, attempt  
schreiben to write  
laufen to run  
erklaren to explain  
entsprechen to correspond  
sitzen to sit  
ziehen to pull, move  
scheinen to shine, seem appear  
fallen to fall  
gehoren to belong  
entstehen to originate, develop  
erhalten to receive  
treffen to meet  
suchen to search, look for  
legen to lay, put  
vortsellen to introduce, imagine  
hendeln to deal, trade  
erreichen to achieve, reach  
tragen to carry, wear  
schaffen to manage, create  
lesen to read  
verlieren to lose  
darstellen to depict, portray  
erkennen to recognize, admit  
entwickeln develop  
reden to talk  
aussehen to appear, look  
erscheinen to appear  
bilden to form, educate  
anfangen to begin  
erwarten to expect  
wohnen to live  
betreffen to affect, concern  
warten to wait  
vergehen to elapse, decay  
helfen to help  
gewinnen to win  
schliessen to close  
fuhlen to feel  
bieten to offer  
interessieren to interest  
erinnern to remember  
ergeben to result in  
anbieten to offer  
studieren to study  
verbinden to connect, link  
ansehen to look at, watch  
fehlen to lack, be missing, be absent  
bedeuten to mean  
vergleichen to compare  

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