aqueous solubility of inorganic compounds

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nitrates generally soluble  
silver nitrate soluble  
lead nitrate soluble  
sodium nitrate soluble  
potassium nitrate soluble  
ammonium nitrate soluble  
calcium nitrate soluble  
acetates generally soluble  
silver acetate soluble  
lead acetate soluble  
sodium acetate soluble  
potassium acetate soluble  
ammonium acetate soluble  
calcium acetate soluble  
sulfates generally soluble  
silver sulfate insoluble  
lead sulfate insoluble  
sodium sulfate soluble  
potassium sulfate soluble  
ammonium sulfate soluble  
calcium sulfate insoluble  
chlorides generally soluble  
silver chloride insoluble  
lead chloride insoluble  
sodium chloride soluble  
potassium chloride soluble  
ammonium chloride soluble  
calcium chloride soluble  
hydroxides generally insoluble  
silver hydroxide insoluble  
lead hydroxide insoluble  
sodium hydroxide soluble  
potassium hydroxide soluble  
ammonium hydroxide soluble  
calcium hydroxide soluble  
oxides generally insoluble  
silver oxide insoluble  
lead oxide insoluble  
sodium oxide soluble  
potassium oxide soluble  
ammonium oxide soluble  
calcium oxide insoluble  
sulfides generally insoluble  
silver sulfide insoluble  
lead sulfide insoluble  
sodium sulfide soluble  
potassium sulfide soluble  
ammonium sulfide soluble  
calcium sulfide insoluble  
carbonates generally insoluble  
silver carbonate insoluble  
lead carbonate insoluble  
sodium carbonate soluble  
potassium carbonate soluble  
ammonium carbonate soluble  
calcium carbonate insoluble  

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