example words, phrases, sentences from 日本語 WordNet

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a gold carpet  
the briny deep  
hot water  
olden days  
the black  
すぐ quite soon  
時々 ever and anon  
子鹿 deer fawn  
猛禽 raptorial birds  
粗食 meager fare  
続発 subsequent developments  
翌日 the following day  
後脚 back (or hind) legs  
引力 an attractive force  
斥力 a repulsive force  
音波 a sonic wave  
吉兆 propitious omens  
凶兆 ill omens  
裏庭 the back yard  
裏口 the back entrance  
指針 a guiding principle  
凶星 malevolent stars  
消灯 the extinction of the lights  
巴戦 a three-way playoff  
色白 a fair complexion  
白夜 white nights  
何千 untold thousands  
荒海 rough seas  
突風 gusty winds  
一瞥 a passing glance  
偶像 graven images  
焦点 focal point  
熱線 a hot wire  
凝血 Blood clots  
青炎 a blue flame  
銀髪 silvery hair  
蛮族 wild tribes  
泥靴 muddy boots  
禁句 dirty words  
濁水 murky waters  
低能 a weak mind  
遠戚 a distant cousin  
酷似 a close resemblance  
親友 a close friend  
愛人 intimate friend  
風邪 the common cold  
公害 a common nuisance  
終日 all the livelong day  
完敗 a complete defeat  
一掃 a clean sweep  

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