Common Norwegian Adverbs

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akkurat exactly  
aldeles quite, absolutely  
aldri never  
alene alone  
aller the very...  
allerede already  
allikevel yet, still  
alltid always  
alt already  
altfor too, all too  
altså thus  
antakelig/antagelig presumably  
attpåtil in addition, on top of that  
baklengs backwards  
bare only, just  
bort/borte away  
brutto gross  
cirka approximately  
da then  
dels partially  
delvis partly  
dengang then, that time  
deretter after that  
derfor so, for that reason  
derimot on the other hand  
dermed thus  
dessuten besides  
dessverre unfortunately  
jo ... desto the ... the  
dog however  
ei not (archaic)  
eksempelvis for example  
ellers otherwise  
enda still  
endog even, very (formal)  
engang even  
enn than  
ennå still, yet  
etter hvert gradually, little by little  
etterpå afterwards  
for too  
for lengst a long time ago  
for så vidt for that matter, in a sense  
for øvrig/forøvrig besides, for that matter  
forbi past  
forholdsvis relatively  
forhåpentlig hopefully  
forhåpentligvis hopefully  
fortrinnsvis preferably  
formelig positively  
forresten besides, by the way  
fortsatt still, continued  
fremdeles still, even now  
følgelig consequently  
først first  
ganske quite  
gjerne gladly  
gradvis gradually, by degrees  
halvveis halfway, midway  
hit/her here  
heldigvis luckily  
heller rather, somewhat  
helst preferably  
henholdsvis respectively  
hjem/hjemme home  
hvor where  
hvorav of whom, of which  
hvordan how  
hvorfor why  
høyst highly, most  
i alle fall at any rate, at least  
i dag today  
i gang going, established  
i hvert fall in any case  
i stedet, insteden instead  
igjen again, back  
ikke not  
ille bad, awful  
imidlertid nevertheless, however (revised)
inn/inne in  
innledningsvis by way of introduction, at the beginning  
jammen indeed, certainly  
jevnlig frequently, often  
jo yes, certainly  
kanskje perhaps  
kun only  
lenge long  
like just as, equally  
likeledes likewise, as well  
likeså likewise, the same  
likevel yet, still, nevertheless  
liksom like, somehow, kind of  
lite little, few  
litt a little  
lovlig legal, lawful, legitimate  
massevis lots of, great numbers of  
med rette rightly  
meget very, quite  
midt in the midst of  
minus minus  
muligens possibly, perhaps  
naturligvis naturally  
ned/nede down  
nemlig namley, in fact, right  
neppe hardly, scarcely  
nest next  
nesten nearly, almost  
netto nett  
nettopp just, exactly  
noenlunde fairly, reasonably  
noensinne ever, at any time  
nok enough, supposedly  
nokså quite, rather  
nylig newly, recently  
nære nearly  
nødvendigvis necessarily  
når when  
ofte often  
og and  
også also  
om igjen again  
omlag approximately  
opp/oppe up  
opp ned upside down  
overalt everywhere  
overens in agreement  
overhodet at all, altogether  
pluss plus  
rasende extremely  
rett og slett completely  
riktig nok to be sure  
saktens no doubt, admittedly  
sammen together, jointly  
sannelig indeed, truly  
sannsynligvis probably, in all likelihood  
selv even  
selvfølgelig of course  
simpelthen simply  
sist last  
sjelden seldom  
slik in this way  
snart soon  
straks immediately  
særdeles especially, particularly  
så pass so much so  
så vidt only just, as far as  
sådan thus, such  
således so, thus  
sånn such, that kind of thing  
temmelig fairly, rather, sort of  
tidvis periodically  
tildels partially  
tilfeldigvis by chance, accidentally  
trolig truly, probably  
trutt steadily  
tvers across  
tvert across, straight  
tydeligvis obviously, evidently  
ut/ute out  
utelukkende exclusively  
vanligvis usually  
vel well, indeed  
veldig very  
visstnok probably  
årevis for years  

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