Norwegian words frequency 1-100

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jeg I  
det it, that, the (neuter sing.)  
er is/are/am  
du you (nom. sing.)  
ikke not  
en a/an, one (masc.)  
og and  
har has  
vi we  
til to  
med with  
han he  
deg you (obj. sing.)  
for for, too (revised)
meg me  
at that (conj.)  
hva what  
den it, that, the (common sing.)  
so, saw  
som as, who/which/that (rel. pron.)  
kan can  
de they, those, the (pl.)  
var was/were  
vil wants/will  
av of, off, from  
om in/during, around/about  
skal will  
men but  
et a/an (neuter) (revised)
her here  
ja yes  
bare only/just, as long as  
hun she  
dere you (pl.)  
noe something  
ham him  
dette this (neuter)  
min my/mine (masculine)  
nei no  
now, reach  
vet knows  
kom came, come (imp.)  
der there  
din your/yours (sing, masc.)  
ut out  
hvor where  
da when, then, because  
fra from  
oss us, ourselves  
være be  
dem them  
se see  
ha have  
gjør does  
noen some, somebody  
hvis if  
ville want/will, would (revised)
kommer comes  
igjen again  
ta take  
alle everyone  
hvorfor why  
get, few (revised)
tror believes  
hvordan how  
går goes/walks, yesterday (revised)
alt everything  
opp up  
sa said  
ingen no, no-one, nothing  
go/walk (revised)
når when, reaches (revised)
får gets  
hvem who  
seg self (3rd person reflexive)  
gjøre do  
eller or  
la let, laid  
ser sees  
blir becomes  
takk thank you  
bli become  
hadde had  
bra good  
si say  
denne this (common)  
henne her (obj.)  
inn into, in  
litt a little, some  
etter after  
kunne be able to, could (revised)
vel well  
jo yes  
to two  
skulle shall (infinitive), should (revised)
ved by, near  
aldri never  
hei hi  

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