Norwegian words frequency 1-100

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tilbake back (prep.)  
over above, past, over  
kanskje perhaps  
ble became  
god good  
man you/one  
også too/also  
selv myself/himself/etc., even  
nok enough, probably  
sier says  
før before  
ok okay  
hans his  
gi give  
sammen together  
godt good (neuter), well  
gang time, hall/passage  
ned down  
trenger needs  
tar takes  
mer more  
dag day  
vært been  
mitt my/mine (neuter)  
mine my/mine (pl.)  
gjorde did  
mye much, many  
andre other, second (definite or plural)  
sett seen, put (imp.) (revised)
helt completely  
vær be (imp.), weather  
siden since  
hele the whole  
enn than  
år year  
ditt your/yours (sing, neuter)  
komme come  
deres their/theirs, your/yours (pl)  
hold hold (imp.)  
mann man, husband  
fordi because  
fikk got  
mot towards  
dine your/yours (sing., pl.)  
far father  
mener thinks, means  
vent wait (imp.)  
faen fuck, devil  
ting thing  
tre three, tree  
gjort done  
snakke speak  
mange many  
greit okay  
folk people  
hjem home  
liker likes  
sant true (neuter)  
tid time  
rett right, straight  
dra pull/drag, leave/go  
alltid always  
sånn like this  
unnskyld excuse me  
morgen morning  
bedre better  
virkelig actual, actually  
elsker loves  
tok took  
burde should  
vår our, spring  
hit here/hither  
uten without  
veldig very  
død death, dead  
finne find  
beklager apologises  
mor mother  
står stands  
livet the life  
trodde believed  
ingenting nothing  
snakker talks  
sin his/her/its/their (masc. reflexive)  
akkurat right, exactly  
gikk went/walked  
kveld evening  
samme same  
første first (pl.)  
hør hear (imp.)  
kjenner knows/is familiar with  

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