Norwegian words frequency 201-300

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ute outside  
hjelpe help  
disse these  
sted place  
vite know  
gud god  
klar clear, ready  
slik in this way/like that  
visste knew  
lenge for long  
forstår understands  
skjer happens  
hjelp help (imp., noun)  
under below  
fint fine (neuter)  
eneste only  
gir gives  
holder holds  
vei road  
siste last  
bilen the car  
liv life  
hallo hello  
tro think/believe, belief, faithful  
feil mistake  
snill sweet  
heter is called  
hver each  
veien the road  
høre hear (revised)
verden the world  
døde died  
prøver tries  
snart soon  
herregud oh my god  
barn child  
pappa dad  
helvete hell  
holde hold, keep  
rundt around  
hører hears  
redd frightened  
blitt become (past participle)  
penger money  
husker remembers  
stor big  
hos at, by, with  
drepe kill  
dit to there/thither  
venn friend  
mamma mum  
borte far away  
først first  
hennes her (poss.), hers  
lille small  
fant found  
sikkert surely  
heller rather  
beste best  
sikker sure/certain, safe  
visst surely, known (revised)
tiden the time  
drar drags/pulls, leaves  
slutt end  
bort (to) away  
fem five  
like like, as/equally  
inne in/inside  
annet other (neuter)  
flere more, several  
tatt taken  
bør should (present)  
fått got, received (past participle)  
ga gave  
vekk away, off  
store big (def. or pl.)  
gjerne gladly  
finner finds  
hørte heard  
fortelle tell  
skjedde happened  
våre our (pl.)  
nye new (def. or pl.)  
glad happy  
minutter minutes  
måtte must (infinitive), must have (revised)
neste next  
orden order  
navn name  
faren the father  
alene alone  
pengene the money  

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