Norwegian words frequency 301-400

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mannen the man  
annen other (masc.)  
sagt said (past participle)  
venner friends  
betyr means  
ellers otherwise  
gamle old (def. or pl.)  
ny new (common)  
gjennom through  
venter waits  
derfor therefore  
menn men  
synes think  
lei tired, sad/unfortunate  
liten small (masc.)  
lenger for longer, further  
unna away  
hatt had (past participle) (revised)
stille still, silent, silently  
fire four  
klarer manages  
langt long (neuter)  
ennå yet, still  
skjønner understands  
gutt boy  
par pair, couple  
slå hit  
klart clear, ready (neuter)  
føler feels  
ett one (neuter)  
herfra from here  
engang once (revised)
meget very, much  
sitt her/his/its/their (refl., neuter), sit (imp.)  
flott great  
hørt heard (past participle)  
natt night  
gode good (def. or pl.)  
dagen the day  
dager days  
politiet the police  
senere later  
hjemme at home  
faktisk actual, actually  
kjære dear  
byen the town  
ti ten  
håper hopes  
fort fast  
ganger times  
galt crazy, wrong (neuter)  
begge both  
nesten almost/nearly  
tenkte thought  
virker influences, seems  
klare manage  
jobb job  
mens while  
hvilken which (common)  
jævla bloody/fucking  
snakket talked/spoke  
bak behind  
ferdig ready, finished  
pokker devil, damn  
be ask/request  
slags sort of/type of  
huset the house (revised)
hodet the head  
vise show  
jobben the job  
fyr guy  
tenk think (imp.)  
stedet the place  
prøve try  
skyld blame/fault/guilt  
gammel old  
dør dies, door  
grunn basis, reason  
drept killed (past participle)  
ringer rings  
allerede already  
rolig calm/peaceful  
dårlig bad  
kommet come (past participle)  
kun only  
kaptein captain  
vårt our (neuter)  
ei a/an, one (fem.), not (archaic)  
hende happen  

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