Difficult-to-remember Greek Vocab occurring 10 to 30 times in NT

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πόσος how great? how much? how many?  
συνίημι I understand, comprehend  
προσέχω I pay attention to, care for, devote myself to  
κοπιάω I become tired or weary, work hard, labor, struggle  
χαρίζομαι I give freely, grant, cancel, remit (revised)
ἐφίστημι I stand by, appear, attack; am present, imminent (perfect) (revised)
τοσοῦτος so great, so large, so many, so far  
ἀπέχω I receive in full, am enough, am distant; abstain (mid.)  
παρατίθημι I place or put before; entrust, demonstrate  
ἐπιτρέπω I allow, permit  
θυμός passion, anger, rage, wrath  
παραχρῆμα at once, immediately  
πυλών gate, gateway, entrance  
ἀνάγκη need, necessity  
ἐξίστημι I confuse, amaze  
καταλύω I throw down, tear down  
κατέχω I hold back, suppress  
κερδαίνω I gain, profit, spare myself  
πλησίον neighbor, fellow; near, close (revised)
ἀθετέω I declare invalid, nullify  
ἀνακρίνω I question, examine, judge, call to account  
διατάσσω I order, direct, command, arrange  
ἕπειτα then, thereupon, next  
παρέχω I offer, grant, cause; show myself, grant, get (mid.)  
προσδοκάω I wait for, look for, expect  
συνίστημι I recommend, commend, show  
τολμάω I dare, bring myself to, presume, am courageous  
ἀνέχω I endure, bear with, put up with  
γεύομαι I taste, partake  
θεμέλιος foundation  
καταλαμβάνω I seize, win, attain, overtake, catch  
νομίζω I think, believe, suppose; is the custom (pass.)  
ἁπαξ once, once for all  
ἀπειθέω I disobey, am disobedient  
ἁρπάζω I snatch, seize, steal  
ἀφίστημι I mislead, go away, fall away  
κωφός dull, dumb, mute, deaf  
κατανοέω I notice, look, consider, contemplate  
νοέω I perceive, understand, comprehend  
χωλός lame, crippled; what is lame, lame leg  
ἀναστροφή way of life, conduct, behavior  
διαφέρω I carry through  
ἐμπαίζω I ridicule, make fun of, mock, deceive, trick  
καταρτίζω I restore, make complete  
αὐλή courtyard, palace, farm, house  
βουλή purpose, counsel, resolution  
περισσοτέρως even more, far greater, so much more  
συνέχω I torment, stop, press hard  
ὕστερος latter, last; later, then, finally (neut. sing. as adv.)  
φιάλη bowl  
φονύω I murder, kill  
ἀνατολή rising, east (sometimes pl.)  
γέμω ִI am full  
ἐξουθενέω I despise, reject, treat with contempt  
κέρας horn, corner  
κλῆρος lot, portion, share, place  
νόσος disease, illness  
ὁμοθυμαδόν with one mind, by common consent, together  
σφόδρα extremely, greatly, very (much)  
χράομαι I use, employ  
ἀσέλγεια licentiousness, sensuality  
ἀφαιρέω I take away, cut off  
ἀφορίζω I separate, excommunicate, appoint  
δάκρυον tear; weeping (pl.)  
ἐπειδή when, after, since, since then, because  
ἐπιτάσσω I order, command  
ἔνατος ninth  
θλίβω I press upon, oppress; am narrow, afflicted (pass)  
κομίζω I bring; receive, obtain, recover (mid)  
μέλει it is a concern  
ὅρκος oath  
παρεμβολή camp, barracks, headquarters, army  
προσκαρτερέω I attach or devote myself to, continue in, am ready  
πατάσσω I strike, hit, strike down, slay  
σιγάω I am silent, become or keep silent, keep secret  
σφάζω I slaughter, murder  
φείδομαι I spare, refrain  
χρηστόστης goodness, uprightness, kindness, generosity  
χωρέω I make room, go, make progress, hold, contain  
χωρίον place, piece of land, field  
τέταρτος fourth  
στρατηγός chief magistrate, captain  

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