Basic Facts and Verses from Acts

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Acts Theme Birth and growth of the church / Acts of the Apostles  
Acts Outline I. Jerusalem (1-7) Establishment of the church [3 years] II. Judea and Samaria (8-12) Extension of the church [11 years] III. Ends of the earth (13-28) Expansion of the church [18 years]  
Acts 1 40 days post resurrection; choosing of Mathias  
Acts 1:8 You shall be my witnesses  
Acts 2 Pentecost; coming of the Holy Spirit  
Acts 2:38 Repent and be baptized  
Acts 4:12 other name under heaven  
Acts 5 Ananias and Saphira and persecution  
Acts 5:29 obey God rather than man  
Acts 6 First deacons  
Acts 7 Stephen's sermon and martyrdom  
Acts 8:15-17 Samaritans receive the H.S.  
Acts 9 Saul converted; Peter performs miracles  
Acts 10 Cornelius; first Gentiles saved  
Acts 10:44-46 Gentiles receive the Spirit  
Acts 13-14 First missionary journey  
Acts 15 Jerusalem council  
Acts 16:30-31 What must I do to be saved...believe in the Lord Jesus  
Acts 17 Paul in Athens  
Acts 19:1-7 Disciples of John the Baptist receive the Spirit  
Acts 27-28 Paul's passage to Rome  
Acts Key People: Agrippa Paul gave him a defense: "destroy Jerusalem" (revised)
Acts Key People: Aquilla and Priscilla Husband and wife team; tentmakers  
Acts Key People: Cornelius Italian centurion; asked Peter how to be saved  
Acts Key People: Eutychus Fell out window, died and was restored  
Acts Key People: Felix Procurator of Judea; cruel powerful king  
Acts Key People: Festus Roman governor succeeded Felix  
Acts Key People: Simon Magus Sorcerer who tried to buy divine power  
Acts Key People: Rhoda Slave girl opened door to Peter  

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