Third chapter vocabulary from Keller and Russell's Learn to Read Greek Part 1

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γαῖα, γαίᾱς, ἡ earth; land  
γῆ, γῆς, ἡ earth; land  
ξένος, ξένου, ὁ host, guest, guest-friend; stranger, foreigner  
οὐρανός, οὐρανοῦ, ὁ sky, heaven  
πόνος, πόνου, ὁ labor, toil; distress, suffering  
σύμμαχος, συμμάχου, ὁ ally  
ἄρχω, ἄρξω, ἦρξα, ἦρχα, ἦργμαι, ἦρχθην rule (+ gen.); middle: begin (+ gen.)  
διδάσκω, διδάξω, ἐδίδαξα, δεδίδαχα, δεδίδαγμαι, ἐδιδάχθην teach; explain; middle: cause (someone) to be taught  
(ἐ)θέλω, ἐθελήσω, ἠθέλησα, ἠθέληκα, ---, --- be willing, wish  
λέγω, λέξω, ἔλεξα εἶπον, ---, λέλεγμαι, ἐλέχθην say; speak (of) tell (of), recount  
μέλλω, μελλήσω, ἐμέλλησα, ---, ---, --- intend, be about, be likely (+ inf.)  
παύω, παύσω, ἔπαυσα, πέπαυκα, πέπαυμαι, ἐπαύθην stop (trans.); middle: stop (intrans.), cease  
πείθω, πείσω, ἔπεισα, πέπεικα, πέπεισμαι, ἐπείσθην persuade; middle: obey; heed; believe (+ dat.)  
πέμπω, πέμψω, ἔπεμψα, πέπομφα, πέπεμμαι, ἐπέμφθην send  
αἰσχρός, αἰσχρᾱ́, αἰσχρόν disgraceful, shameful; ugly  
κοινός, κοινή, κοινόν common (to), shared (with); (+ gen. or dat.) public  
ἆρα (interrog. particle) introduces a question  
γάρ (postpositive conj.) explanatory, for; confirming, indeed, in fact  
δέ (postpositive conj.) adversative, but; connective, and  
εὖ (adv.) well  
μέν (postpositive particle) on the one hand  
μέν ... δέ ... on the on hand..., on the other hand ...; ..., but ...  
νῦν (adv.) now  
πολλάκις (adv.) many times, often  
πότε (interrog. adv.) when  
πρός (prep. + gen.) from; by; in the name of; (prep. + dat.) near; in addition to; (prep. + acc.) toward; against; in reply to, in the face of, in relation to (revised)
πῶς (interrog. adv.) how  
ὑπό (prep. + gen.) (from) under; by; at the hands of; (prep. + dat.) under; under the power of; (prep. + acc.) under; during  

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