Verbs 4&5

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מצא Qal: meet, find; Niphal: be found; Hiphil: present  
נבא Niphal, Hithpael: prophesy  
נגד Hiphil: report, tell; Hophal: be reported  
נגע Qal:touch, hurt; Hiphil: arrive  
ׁנגש Qal: approach; Niphal: approach; Hiphil: bring near  
נוח Qal:rest; Hiphil: I) allow to rest, II) set, leave  
נוס Qal:flee  
נחם Niphal: regret, console oneself; Piel: comfort; Hithpael: console oneself  
נטה Qal: stretch out, turn; Hiphil: turn  
נסע Qal: pull out, march on; Hiphil: take away  
נפל Qal:fall, Hiphil: fell (make fall)  
נצל Niphal: be rescued, escape; Hiphil: rescue, pull out  
סבב Qal: go around; Niphal: turn; [Polel: encircle;] Hiphil: turn; Hophal: be turned  
סור Qal:to turn aside; Hiphil: remove; Hophal: be removed  
ספר Qal:to count; Piel: enumerate; Pual: be reported  
עבד Qal: work, serve; Hiphil: compel to labour  
עזב Qal: abandon; Niphal: be abandoned  
ענה Qal: answer  
פנה Qal: turn around; Piel: clear; Hiphil: turn  
פקד Qal: take care of, appoint; Niphal: be missed; Hiphil: assign, entrust; Hophal: be appointed  
פתח Qal:to open; Niphal: be set free; Piel: loosen  
קבץ Qal: assemble (trans.); Niphal: assemble (intr.); Piel: assemble (trans.); Hithpael: assemble together  
קבר Qal:to bury; Niphal:to be buried; Piel:to bury many; Pual: be buried  
קדשׁ Qal: be holy; Niphal: show oneself holy; Piel: consecrate; Hithpael: show oneself holy; Hiphil: declare as holy  
קטר Piel, Hiphil: make go up in smoke  

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