Fifth chapter vocabulary from Keller and Russell's Learn to Read Greek Part 1

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necessity ἀνάγκη, ἀνάγκης, ἡ  
student μαθητής, μαθητοῦ, ὁ  
skill, art τέχνη, τέχνης, ἡ  
teacher διδάσκαλος, διδασκάλου, ὁ  
ruler, commander; archon, magistrate ἄρχων, ἄρχοντος, ὁ  
divinity, divine power; spirit δαίμων, δαίμονος, ὁ or ἡ  
Hector Ἕκτωρ, Ἕκτορος, ὁ  
Hellene, Greek Ἕλλην, Ἕλληνος, ὁ  
hope; expectation ἐλπίς, ἐλπίδος, ἡ  
desire, passion, love ἔρως, ἔρωτος, ὁ  
Zeus Ζεύς, Διός, ὁ  
child; slave παῖς, παιδός, ὁ or ἡ  
public speaker, orator; rhetor ῥήτωρ, ῥήτορος, ὁ  
sing. or pl., heart, mind, wits φρήν, φρενός, ἡ  
grace, favor, goodwill; delight; gratitude χάρις, χάριτος, ἡ  
sing. or pl., house, home δῶμα, δώματος, τό  
body σῶμα, σώματος, τό  
thing, matter, affair; pl., goods, property, money χρῆμα, χρήματος, τό  
(relative pron.), who, whose, whom; which, that ὅς, ἥ, ὅ  
lead, bring; keep; middle, carry away with oneself; marry ἄγω, ἄξω, ἤγαγον, ἦχα, ἦγμαι, ἤχθην  
listen (to), hear (of) ἀκούω, ἀκούσομαι, ἤκουσα, ἀκήκοα, ---, ἠκούσθην  
have come; be present ἥκω, ἥξω, ---, ---, ---, ---  
learn; understand μανθάνω, μαθήσομαι, ἔμαθον, μεμάθηκα, ---, ---  
(impersonal verb) it is necessary, must; there is need (+ gen.) δεῖ, δεήσει, ἐδέησε(ν), ---, ---, ---  
be; exist; impersonal, it is possible εἰμι, ἔσομαι, ---, ---, ---, ---  
other, another ἄλλος, ἄλλη, ἄλλο  
non-Greek, foreign; barbarous; masc. pl. subst., foreigners; barbarians βάρβαρος, βάρβαρον  
mortal θνητός, θνητή, θνητόν  
easy ῥᾴδιος, ῥᾳδίᾱ, ῥᾴδιον  
(adv.) always ἀεί/αἰεί  
(enclitic particle) limiting, at least, at any rate; emphasizing, indeed γε  
(prep. + gen.) down from, beneath; against; (prep. + acc.) according to, in relation to; throughout κατά  
(particle + acc.) used in oaths, by μά  
(particle + acc.) expresses strong affirmation, (yes,) by νή  
(prep. + gen.) from (the side of); by; (prep. + dat.) near; at (the house of); among; (prep. + acc.) to (the side of), beside; contrary to παρά  
(enclitic particle) very, even περ  
(enclitic adv.) at some time, ever ποτέ  
at one time..., at another time...; sometimes..., sometimes... ποτέ...ποτέ...  
(adv.) never οὔποτε/μήποτε  
(enclitic adv.) somehow πως  
(enclitic conj.) and τε  
enclitic particle) surely, you know τοι  
(prep. + preceding gen.) for the sake of χάριν  

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