Norwegian words from Kelly Project

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å være to be  
og and  
i in  
en an/an, one (masc.)  
det it, that, the (neut.)  
som as, that/who/which  
å ha to have  
til to  
av of/off/from  
for for, too  
med with/by  
at that (conj.)  
jeg I  
ikke not  
de they, those, the (pl.)  
den it, that, the (common) (revised)
å bli to become, remain  
du you (nom. sing.)  
om about, during, if/whether  
å kunne to be able to  
vi we  
men but  
fra from  
mye much  
so, then  
å få to get/receive  
å skulle shall/should, will  
noen someone, some (pl.), any (pl., common)  
å ville to want, will/would  
dette this (neut.)  
seg himself/herself/itself/themselves  
han he  
god good  
mange many  
all all  
andre second, other (def., pl.)  
eller or  
annen second, other (masc.)  
også also  
å se to see  
å si to say  
å komme to come  
å ta to take  
å gå to go/walk  
ut out  
man one/you  
stor big  
et år a year  
å matte to have to  
sin his/her/its/their own (masc.)  
å gjøre to do  
å lese to read  
etter after  
da then, when  
hel whole  
når when  
ny new  
ved by/near  
en dag a day  
denne this (masc.)  
liten small  
her here  
opp up  
over over/above/across  
hun she  
bare just/only  
å gi to give  
å finne to find  
inn into  
to two  
slik like that/such  
å skrive to write  
litt a little  
mot towards/against  
enn than  
hva what  
å bruke to use  
der there  
min my/mine  
en sak a matter/case  
en gang a time, hall/passage  
å legge to lay  
et innlegg a contribution/post  
ei tid a time  
før before  
hvor where  
lang long  
selv self  
jo yes  
siden since  
en del a part  
å tro to believe  
din your/yours  
nok enough, probably  
å stå to stand  
under under, below  
å vise to show  
hvis if  

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