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kanojotachi, kanojara them (all female group)  
hanasu to speak  
dare who  
desu is/are/will be  
deshita was/were  
hon book  
kare he  
kanojo she  
anatatachi, anatagata you, plural  
wa subject indicator  
aruku to walk  
kami god  
neko cat  
hashiru run  
miru to see, to watch  
karetachi, karera them (group with males)  
watashi I  
ai love  
anata you  
osoi slow  
nani what  
o direct object indicator  
doko where  
taberu to eat  
iku to go  
hito person  
inu dog  
ka ?  
mise store  
kuroi black  
ga subject with emphasis  
hayai fast  
aoi blue  
ikutsu how much  
akai red  
no 's (posessive)  
hai yes  
shiroi white  
heya room  
watashitachi we  
korosu to kill  
e to, toward  

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