2nd Vocab list

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san respectful title like Ms.  
itsu when  
kore this  
sore that  
are that over there  
ame rain  
gohan meal, boiled rice  
kurama car  
mizu water  
nihongo Japanese Langage  
okane money  
sora sky  
terebi TV  
uta song  
atsui hot  
ii good  
samui cold  
warui bad  
erabu to choose  
furu to rain or snow, to fall  
iru to exist (animate objects only)  
isogu to hurry  
kau to buy  
kiku to listen  
kuru to come  
matsu to wait  
motsu to have  
nomu to drink  
oshieru to teach  
osu to push  
shinu to die  
suru to do  
tataku hit  
tobu to jump, to fly  
toru to take  
utau to sing  
yobu to call  
yomu to read  

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