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adaptação adaptation.  
exprimir to express.  
miúdo scrawny/small/child.  
gasolina gasoline.  
aço steel.  
litoral coast/coastal.  
acertar to be right on/hit the mark.  
bancário banker.  
rodar to spin/turn around/roll.  
carnaval carnival/mardi gras.  
vergonha shame.  
triunfo victory/triumph.  
aderir to adhere/join.  
estímulo stimulus/stimulant.  
preservar to preserve.  
turismo tourism.  
tribo tribe.  
admirar to admire.  
inicialmente at first/initially.  
publicidade advertising/publicity.  
frequentemente frequently.  
indicador indicator/indicating.  
preocupado worried/preoccupied.  

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