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Ordenar to arrange, order  
El recorrido tour, rounds  
Blando/a soft  
Tibio/a warm  
El mordisco bite  
Atragantarse to dislike  
Siquiera at least, even (negative)  
Haber to be, to have, there is/are  
Apenas hardly/barely, as soon as  
Acordar to agree  
Acordarse to remember  
Suponer to suppose/imagine  
La vereda pavement/sidewalk  
Por si acaso just in case  
soñar to dream  
aprobar to pass (an exam)  
la beca scholarship  
el director director  
el marido husband  
estropeado/a damaged, broken  
ladrar to bark  
imitar to imitate  
atrasar to delay, to be slow/behind  
afinar to tune  
desafinar to be off pitch  
el pico beak  
volar to fly  
desaparecer to disappear  
el loro parrot  
la mosca fly  
la tristeza sadness, grief  
la locura insanity, madness  
adelgazar to lose weight  
dejar to let/allow, to leave/abandon, to stop/give up  
pillar to catch, plunder  
la cueva cave  
resguardar to protect, shelter  
el guardia police officer  
la guardia police department  
reposar to rest  
a las tantas very late  
escapada short trip  
radiante joyful, beaming, content  
el hallazgo discovery  
el varón a son, boy  
trillizos triplets  
la equivocación mistake  
rechazar reject  
aún still  
aún still  
plantearse to arise  

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