vocab lessons 7-9

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auspicies protection or support  
auspicious attended by favorable circumstances  
circumspect heedful of consequences  
despicable deserving of scorn  
introspective self-examining  
perspicuity the quality of being clearly expressed  
prospective likely to happen; expected  
specious having the ring of truth but actually false  
specter a phantom  
spectrum a broad sequence or range  
acuity keenness  
consummate supremely accomplished or skilled  
cunning skill in performance  
deft skillful  
endowment a natural gift or quality  
facile done or achieved with little effort  
incompetent not capable  
inept awkward or clumsy  
proficient performing in a given art, skill, or branch of learning with expert correctness and facility  
propensity an innate inclination  
beseech to address an earnest or urgent request to  
blandishment the act of flattery  
cajole to coax gently and persistently  
elicit to bring out; evoke  
enjoin to direct with authority; command  
exigent requiring immediate attention  
imperious arrogantly overbearing  
injunction a command, directive, or order  
mendicant a beggar  
query a question; inquiry  

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