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client el/la cliente  
to answer the phone coger el teléfono  
to take coger  
to get through/to reach ponerse en contacto  
a certain un tal (a certain Gomez)  
warehouse un almacén  
anxiously ansiosamente  
anxious ansioso  
check el cheque  
partner el socio  
I'm afraid (regretfully) me temo que  
urgently urgentemente  
unconcerned despreocupado/a  
to make contact with, reach contactar con  
to knock on door llamar a la puerta  
young woman la joven  
young man el joven  
enough is enough ya está bien/suficiente  
depressed deprimido/a  
optimistic optimista (adj)  
disillusioned/disappointed decepcionado/a  
pair (not people) un par  
pair (people) una pareja  
overalls mono  
landing el relleno  
to point (with finger) señalar  
brand la marca  
delivery la entrega  
to refuse rechazar  
to matter/to be important importar (like gustar)  
to notice/realize/see enterarse de  
astonished asombrado  
to recover recuperar  
to take, to drink tomar  
on/upon al  
nada más as soon as  
la cita appointment/date  
el gobernante ruler/leader  
to check/verify comprobar  
to remember acordar  
ever, time/whenever, provided that siempre que  
investment la inversión  
to feel like apetecer  
nearsighted miope  
clue, trail, track la pista  
to reduce price rebajar  
complex complejo  
la insuficiencia deficiency, failure (of organ)  
development, evolution la evolución  
up to date al tanto de  
card la tarjeta  
bill/invoice el recibo  
bank transfer el giro  
coffee un cafelito  
tenant el inquilino  
plantain un banana (spain)  
banana un plátano (spain)  
lowlife pelada  
shaved pelado  
bald calvo  
to shave raparse  
nail (tool) un clavo  
to not lift a finger no poner un clavo (no ayudas)  
to have more than enough tener de sobra  
to be left over, to be in excess sobrar  
to live on expense of others vivir a la sopa boba  
silly boba  
affective relationship la relación afectiva  
to get off (bus, train, bike) bajar  
empathy la empatía  
role, part el papel  
drought la sequía  
to cure, heal sanar  
to carry out, implement ejecutar  
to purr ronronear  
ceremony la ceremonia  

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