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worthy, decent digno  
to claim/demand, complain about (protest) reclamar  
to reproach/censure reprochar  
to request, to beg suplicar  
to mutter/mumble/whisper susurrar  
to answer (question), to clarify aclarar  
to remember, to remind recordar  
to tell/state, to discuss, to mention comentar  
to harass atosigar  
warning la advertencia  
intent, purpose el propósito  
intention la intención  
to take advantage of aprovechar  
demanding, tough exigente  
to manage, to reach lograr  
to hallucinate, to be amazed/surprised alucinar  
to realize percatarse  
roll of film el carrete  
flashlight la linterna  
to misplace extraviar  
undoubtedly, without doubt desde luego  
absentminded atontado/a  
to annoy, to irritate fastidiar  
to bite morder  
shot, gunshot el tiro  
to forgive, to pardon perdonar  
to hang up (phone) colgar  
to scare espantar  
awning el toldo  
canvas el lienzo (revised)
barrier la barrera  
studio, workshop un taller  
sparrow hawk el gavilán  
to say goodbye despedirse  
to say goodbye despedirse  
hill, vegetation el monte  
mustache el bigote  
rough áspero  
abrupt brusco  
to contradict contradecir  
media los medios  
events los acontecimientos  

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