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strike la huelga  
to deliver, to hand over entregar  
cucumber pepino  
beforehand antemano  
unpredictable imprevisible  
to fail/miss fallar  
pine tree pino  
new year's eve nochevieja  
Christmas eve Nochebuena  
January 6 Dia de los Reyes Magos  
page el paje  
to flirt flirtear, ligar, coquetear  
to escape fugarse  
to lack, to not have carecer de  
to poke, to prick pinchar  
to grab, to catch agarrar  
to sicken, to disgust repugnar  
mercy, pity la piedad  
to hide/conceal ocultar  
chance chance  
cover la tapa  
to sink hundir  
to surrender rendirse  
to demonize demonizar  
devil el demonio, el diablo  
to ensure/assure asegurar  
photograph/portrait el retrato  
manager encargado/a  
to emphasize, to stand out destacar  
combination, outfit, ensemble el conjunto  
surroundings, environment el entorno  
self-portrait el autorretrato  
to express, to capture plasmar  
willpower, choice, goodwill la voluntad  
misfortune la desgracia  
caress, stroke la caricia  
trail, track el rastro  
to look down on menospreciar  
singer-songwriter el/la cantautor/a  
timeless atemporal  
determination el empeƱo  
to ensure/assure asegurar  
performance el rendimiento  

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