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to fit caber  
colleague el compañero  
passenger el pasajero  
near future futuro próximo  
stifling, oppressive agobiante  
corkscrew el sacacorchos  
to remain, to stay permanecer  
to initiate a conversation entablar  
to finish a conversation concluir  
chat la charla  
la discusión discussion, debate, argument/dispute  
el debate debate  
to drag arrastrar  
overwhelmed abrumado/a  
imbalance el desajuste  
to interrupt interrumpir  
to hide/conceal esconder  
to vent desahogar  
busy, buried with work ajetreado  
spare keys las llaves de repuesto  
baby's bottle el biberón  
to pick up, to gather up recoger  
to wrap, to package empaquetar  
cupboard or wardrobe el armario  
contribution el aporte  
to put up with, to tolerate aguantar  
unless a no ser que  
to promise prometer  
to find out enterar  
immediately enseguida  

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