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look, glance la mirada  
neologism (new word) el neologismo  
coming/originating from procedente  
closing ceremony, closing la clausura  
to trace, to draw trazar  
recognition, award el reconocimiento  
encounter el encuentro  
summit, peak la cumbre  
carrier el/la portador/a  
main idea (fundamental theme) el eje  
conference, congress el congreso  
glimmer el destello  
to look after, to deal with, to attend to atender  
recurring, recurrent recurrente  
tool la herramienta  
gap, space el hueco  
isolated aislado  
misunderstanding el malentendido  
nevertheless sin embargo  
obvious, plain patante  
to manage to alcanzar a  
to reach, to be enough alcanzar  
above all sobre todo  
of course desde luego  
at ease a gusto  
balcony la terraza  
boring, tiresome pesado  
cocky, bold (spain) chulo  
womanizer el lig√≥n  
opportunist, free loader el aprovechado  
to hit/strike, to paste/glue/stick pegar  
to sign (a document), to search, to record/register registrar  
to recognize, to acknowledge reconocer  
to have/get, to get ready/prepare disponer  
to attract/draw atraer  
mischievous/devious travieso/a  
absentminded, distracted, not quite there cuerda  
to create problems crear/generar/surgir problemas  
to spring forth, to appear surgir  
undershirt (wife beater) la camiseta  
possessions las pertenencias, las posesiones  
atmosphere el clima de hogar  
to tread on eggshells pisar huevos  

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