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lightbulb la bombilla  
herb la yerba  
to repair/fix arreglar  
nonsense la tontería  
harassment, bullying el acoso  
statement, announcement el comunicado  
to promote/advertise promocionar  
minor (child) un menor  
to avenge vengarse  
to breastfeed I(human), to nurse/suckle (animal) amamantar  
scar la cicatriz  
to take a shortcut, to stop/stem, to check atajar  
controversy la polémica  
coverage la cobertura  
internet link el enlace  
to brace, to strengthen apuntalar  
for the time being de momento  
as well as, in addition to amén  
to surround, to encircle, to go around rodear  
assembly hall, lounge el salón  
balanced, well-adjusted equilibrado  
to worry about preocuparse por/de  
to lead, to exceed/surpass superar  
to lead, to exceed/surpass superar  
to mint, coin (figurative and literally) acuñar  
to leave, bequeath legar  
to encompass, include englobar  
bound ligado  
height la altura  
framework el entramado  
forward, ahead adelante  
sound el sonido  
refrigerator el frigorífico, la nevera  
to exhaust or to use up agotar  
dinner guests, diners el comensal  
corresponding correspondiente  
endless number sinfín  
daily cotidiano  
to direct, to show the way encaminar  
to feed, nourish alimentar  
hungry, starving hambriento  
whale la ballena  
to return, to go back or to take back retornar  
tiny, minute diminuto  
sphere la esfera  
goodness/kindness la bondad  
to reach, to be enough, to catch up, to affect alcanzar  
intertwine entrelazar  
fabric la tela  
thread el hilo  
savannah la sabana  
determined, stubborn empeñado  
exactly/precisely, fairly/justly justamente  
luxury lujo  
to fertilize (plants) abonar  
now, already ya  
supportive, caring solidario  
skeptic escéptico  
decline, deterioration el deterioro  
ozone layer la capa de ozono  
to freeze helar  
to burn achicharrar  
to aggravate, make worse empeorar  
easily, willingly buenamente  
to outline, to consider plantearse  
social gathering la tertulia  
distributed repartida  
to cooperate, to collaborate colaborar  
to renew renovar  
really, indeed efectivamente  
suddenly de repente  
to explain, to present, to exhibit exponer  

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