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los sacacorchos corkscrew  
maja nice, pleasant  
agobiante stifling, oppressive  
abrumada overwhelming, exhausting  
a menudo often  
arrastrar to drag  
desajuste imbalance  
las llaves de repuesto de la casa spare house keys  
irse a la porra go to hell  
procedente coming from  
el acto de clausura closing ceremony  
el recorrido tour  
el hindi hindi  
ligón/aprovechado flirt,womanizer/opportunist  
un salón lounge  
equilibrada balanced  
el frigorífico refrigerator  
aportar to contribute, to provide  
comensales dinner guests  
cotidiano daily  
encaminar to direct, to head toward  
comprobar to confirm, to check  
convencida convinced  
empeorar to make worse  
convencer to convince  
voluntaria voluntary  
deterioro deterioration  
achicharrar to burn  
tumbado lied down  
colaborar to cooperate, collaborate  
repartida distributed  
neveras con gases contaminantes fridges with contaminated gases  
merecer to merit, to deserve  
ONG ngo  

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