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to owe, ought to, must deber  
to carry, take, wear llevar  
to go up subir  
to take out sacar  
to count, to tell/narrate contar  
to get conseguir  
to deliver entregar  
to meet reunirse  
to return volver  
to accuse acusar  
to add agregar  
to admire admirar  
to admit admitir  
to advance/to move forward avanzar  
to advise/to let know avisar  
to attack atacar  
to attend asistir  
to attract atraer  
to be harmful/damaging hacer daño  
to be left, to be located quedar  
to be mistaken equivocarse  
to be quiet callarse  
to be right tener razón  
to be worth valer  
to be worth it valer la pena  
to bite morder  
to boot/to throw away botar  
to break quebrarse  
to realize, become aware darse cuenta  
to carry out, fulfill realizar  
to carry/recharge cargar  
to charge/cash (a check) cobrar  
to choose escoger  
to complain quejarse  
to conquer, overcome vencer  
to convince convencer  
to cool enfriar  
to count on… contar con  
to deposit depositar  
to deserve merecer  
to distract distraer  
to find out averiguar  
to fit (space, clothes) caber  
to fix arreglar  
to get oneself ready arreglarse  
to get/grab agarrar  
to give up darse por vencido  
to grow crecer  
to grow up/to be raised criarse  
to guess adivinar  
to guide guiar  
to hide esconder  
to hit pegar  
to introduce presentar  
to interrupt interrumpir  
to judge juzgar  
to jump brincar  
to keep/maintain guardar  
to last durar  
to lay down acostarse  
to let loose, to let go soltar  
to loan prestar  
to make fun of burlarse  
to mention mencionar  
to move mover  
to pass a course/exam aprobar  
to pick up/gather up recoger  
to promise prometer  
to propose proponer  
to reach alcanzar  
to recognize reconocer  
to reserve reservar  
to return regresar  
to return (an object) devolver  
to say goodbye despedirse  
to sign firmar  
to smell oler  
to snow nevar  
to sound/ring sonar  
to suppose suponer  
to switch on (light) prender  
to take care of/attend to atender  
to thank agradecer  
to turn out (well) salir bien  
to turn/fold doblar  
to warm up calentarse  

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