Learn about stats

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Most frequent value in the sample Median  
A collection of numerical information is called ___ Statistics  
Methods of organizing, summarizing, and presenting data in an informative way are called ___ statistics. (ex. population by year up to current year) Descriptive  
To infer something about a population, a ___ is usually taken from the population. Sample  
___ level measurements are in a set, ranked order (Team standings, class rank homeland security threat meter etc.) Ordinal  
___ order measurements only classify and/or count and can be shown in any order (ex. # of each color of M&M's in a bowl, jersey numbers) Nominal  
___ level measurements are similar to ordinal, but all differences between values are a constant size and can be compared easily. (temperature, dress size) Interval  
___ level measurements is similar to interval, bu the 0 point is meaningful and the ____ between two numbers is meaningful. (# of calls made, distance to class) Ratio  

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