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ἐκλέγομαι I choose (revised)
βασιλεύω I rule, reign  
ἐνεργέω I work  
εὐδοκέω I am well pleased  
ἐφίστημι I stand by  
θερίζω I reap  
καθίστημι I appoint  
λατρεύω I serve, worship  
μνημονεύω I remember  
στρέφω I turn  
τιμάω I honor  
ὑπακούω I obey  
νηστεύω I fast  
προάγω I lead forth, bring forth  
τρέχω I run  
ὑψόω I lift up, exalt  
τὸ γένος, γένους descendant, nation, kind  
ἡ διδασκαλία, διδασκαλίας teaching  
ὁ πειρασμός, πειρασμοῦ testing, temptation (revised)
ὁ τελώνης, τελώνου tax collector  
ἡ αἰτία, αἰτίας reason, reason for accusation, accusation, guilt (revised)
ἡ ἀκροβυστία, ἀκροβυστίας foreskin, uncircumcised  
τὸ ἀργύριον, ἀργυρίου silver  
ὁ γονεύς, γονέως parents  
ἡ ἐπίγνωσις, ἐπιγνώσεως knowledge  
ὁ ἡγεμών, ἡγεμόνος ruler, governor  
ὁ Ἰσαάκ Isaac  
ὁ ἰχθύς, ἰχθύος fish (revised)
τὸ ξύλον, ξύλου wood  
τὸ παράπτωμα, παραπτώματος sin, transgression, falling away (revised)
ἡ σκηνή, σκηνῆς tent, tabernacle  
ὁ ὑπηρέτης, ὑπηρέτου servant, officer, official  
ὡσεί like, approximately  
νυνί now  
σοφός, -ή, -όν wise, skillful (revised)
τοσοῦτος, τοσαύτη, τοσοῦτον so many, so much  

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