Names and translation of conditional sentences in Ancient Greek

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εἰ + present indicative; present indicative present simple — if does then does  
εἰ + imperfect/aorist indicative; imperfect/aorist indicative past simple — if did then did  
εἰ + future indicative; future indicative future most vivid — if does then will do  
εἰ + present/aorist optative; present/aorist optative + ἄν future less vivid — if should do then would do  
ἐάν + present/aorist subjunctive; present indicative present general — if does then does  
εἰ + present/aorist optative; imperfect indicative past general — if did then did  
εἰ + imperfect indicative; imperfect indicative + ἄν present contrary-to-fact — if were doing then would be doing  
εἰ + aorist indicative; aorist indicative + ἄν past contrary-to-fact — if had done then would have done  
εἰ + aorist indicative; imperfect indicative + ἄν mixed contrary-to-fact — if had done then would be doing  

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