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ἀρέσκω I please  
ἐλέγχω I rebuke  
ἐμβαίνω I embark  
ἐξίστημι I astonish greatly  
ἐπιμένω I remain  
καταλύω I destroy  
κερδαίνω I gain, make profit, avoid  
νίπτω I wash  
περιτέμνω I circumcise  
ῥύομαι I rescue, deliver  
ὑπομένω I remain, resist, continue, endure  
ἡ ἄφεσις pardon  
τὸ βρώμα, βρώματος food, meat  
ὁ θησαυρός, θησαυροῦ treasure  
ὁ ἵππος, ἵππου horse  
ἡ Καισάρεια, Καισαρείας Caesarea  
ἡ πλήρωμα, πληρώματος completeness, fullness  
ὁ ποταμός, ποταμοῦ river  
ἡ ῥίζα, ῥίζης root  
τὸ χάρισμα, χαρίσματος gift  
ἐπαύριον the next day  
ἕτοιμος, -η, -ον ready  
κἄν even if (καί + ἐάν)  
κρυπτός, -ή, -όν secret  
μέχρι(ς) until, as far as, to the degree that  
οὔ no  
περισσότερος, -α, -ον excessive  
πλησίον nearby, neighbor  
ὡσαύτως in the same way  

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